I am currently at war with building authorities in Pueblo County, Colorado over the Earthship I am building. I have now begun looking at Washington State and British Columbia. Power is about 1/2 mile away. I would find an opportunity to visit my land and hike every square meter. Chill out or you will be banned. Am I misunderstanding that page? One key point is rural areas are best but don’t choose an area that’s extremely isolated or too harsh. Tips: Do one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. 109 West Main, Rm. Roofed structures are recommended for areas such as this versus unprotected domes. Phone calls can be directed to 817-556-6380 during normal business hours. Hey All! So far I did figure out that Mohave county seems reasonable about building. I’m wondering about Oregon and Washington’s building code as well. But people that use oppression of the poor seldom see the big picture. And the fact that new laws dictate that no remote camp cabin or even a storage shed can be permitted without utility hook ups is a crock of sh-t, and aimed at nothing other than control. I would like to build one of these small houses shown on your site. As to building alternative kinds of housing in seismic zones etc.. Okay, but just to be clear we’re not condoning violence. There needs to be a balance between individual rights and common good. I am finding the more time I spend now finding answers the fewer suprises I will encounter during the actual build. As to depriving people from the chance to build a house.. well Montana has no codes, so people can build there, or they can buy a foreclosed existing low-end house. Follow the other tips in my earthbag ebook. Box 39 Ha! Access Code: No Building Code/City has not adopted a building code. About 1/3 of Montana is planned to be seized. If you have any questions, maybe we can find a way to connect via email. Access Code: 1997 Uniform Building Code, Technical Assistance: Geez, you need to get special permission just to park your RV on your own land for a short period of time. Turn left on 11W and there is a Food City grocery, pharmacy, small medical clinic–then in about 20 minutes you’ll hit the large city of Knoxville which has everything (one straight road to everything–11W). While conducting this expedition survey of your own land, don’t be afraid to take photos, collect plant specimines, note any springs or other water sources, and pretty much anything of significance that you discover. I have encountered various problems on this journey that can be summed up by the following: If the price was right, then the zoning was wrong. Following duckduckgo.com’s suggestion of removing the ” before and after the search text turned up a very long list. In the mojave, east of Joshua Tree in an area called Wonder Valley, there are lots of abandoned properties with small cabins built during the homestead act and movement in the early 20th century. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-Dirt-Cheap-Houses/ As a primary residence it’s probably a lot worse. I know it’s been a few months since you posted this, but I’m wondering if you’re still looking into the possibilities of an alternative campground? Home/land price/building cost there looks more like a downpayment for a big mortgage. flush toilets are required as well as a wood or metal frame. and we have some earth-dwelling homes around here and I’ve always wanted one..thanks again for all your work and information that you provide..take care. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All for a technology nobody really needs. Do you know what the status is of building codes in the other counties besides Coconino County? They are also big on large daily fines for anything that isn’t approved. Thank you for all the posts and info so far! To Realdeal-best place for living in Mexico. Homeland Security is preparing to take complete control over land within 100 miles of the Canadian border. I don’t want my $20 to end up in Nigeria. Fort Morgan, Colorado 80701-0596 He said no county restrictions but the state says you have to to have a septic system state supercedes county. The scoria mine is nearby (search our blog for lots of ways to use it), it’s super beautiful, lots of affordable rural land. ), undercover video by Project Veritas, BlackBoxVoting.org election rigging, proof of collusion, cover up and on and on. -In Maine, about half the state is unorganized townships (governed at the state level) and of the organized towns, those under 4,000 people do not have to adopt/enforce the state building code (and only about 1 dozen have chosen to adopt/enforce). some codes make sense i do not think many people will built truly unsafe homes but the international code . While we endeavor to be helpful to applicants, we cannot spend so much time on any one project as to be acting as a consultant. e-mail:lakecobldg@chaffee.net. 150 Ash Avenue Yes, there are inspections after each main step of construction.